Kylie Grace Johnstone
Kylie Grace Johnstone Acum 18 ore
4:27 the last thing he/she/they/iT said means rail me.........oh noes.
Emily Williams
Emily Williams Acum 18 ore
Video starts at 0:00 thank me later
Norm Trong
Norm Trong Acum 18 ore
Raid is An Idiot Dickhead
kristel de gamer
kristel de gamer Acum 18 ore
7:10 i also have a cat named tommy
NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton
NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton Acum 18 ore
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I hate the Jews, and you should too. ~Hitler
Battlefrontplays2 Acum 18 ore
If you beat minecraft on another planet, or really beat anything, you would hold a world record
DaGuido Acum 18 ore
there is literally a song about being your own granpa its amazing🤣
Mikaela Villanueva
Mikaela Villanueva Acum 18 ore
16:38 look at the faces lool-
NotDesi Welch
NotDesi Welch Acum 18 ore
if you need to be forgiven by every video game character you killed, just hack the game.
Samad Ali
Samad Ali Acum 18 ore
Eric Wyer
Eric Wyer Acum 18 ore
6:08 I finally found it, the scroll of truth.
Old Sport
Old Sport Acum 18 ore
1:55 wish it was that way with polar bears, but they're fucking mean
Prestonmations HD
Prestonmations HD Acum 18 ore
4:03 Yes, yes we are friends
Jazmine Wilkes
Jazmine Wilkes Acum 18 ore
5:17 I remember being scared of her
Eggus Sambus
Eggus Sambus Acum 18 ore
Is no one gonna talk about when your village was being raided by (symbols of a different language) They called it "ching chang" :/
Banana Duck
Banana Duck Acum 18 ore
Micheal Jackson had a skin condition which changed his skin color, he didn’t change it himself
The Shrimp Boat Captain
The Shrimp Boat Captain Acum 18 ore
Joseph G
Joseph G Acum 18 ore
Who still uses coal go nuclear 👍
Junna Baile
Junna Baile Acum 18 ore
1:00 Ohh, it keeps the doctor away-
Chaitanya A.
Chaitanya A. Acum 19 ore
17:06 Confused confusing confusion
Alphonse carlylle
Alphonse carlylle Acum 19 ore
My friend ripped her mom's money thinking its play money POV: he was angry at her sister
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Acum 19 ore
Memes about the netherlands being hell is racist
Joshua Mclaughlin
Joshua Mclaughlin Acum 19 ore
Mom: throws my phone out the window* Me knowing it’s on airplane mode🥴
Daniel Bartoš
Daniel Bartoš Acum 19 ore
I agree orange is the besst
Humming Bird
Humming Bird Acum 19 ore
5:20 *Small happy squeak*
King Of Lee
King Of Lee Acum 19 ore
The meme I was trying to find was the last meme ( Referring to the thumbnail
Novocom Acum 19 ore
The alien one got me the best XD
FlareONE Acum 19 ore
0:56 what is the number on yellow plate?
Uxy Huxy
Uxy Huxy Acum 19 ore
4:54 fallout 4 my 2nd favorite game
Epic Man
Epic Man Acum 19 ore
Froggy vibes
Froggy vibes Acum 19 ore
this was posted on my bdayy
kopaka Acum 19 ore
3:08 ppl who have finished Hollow knight: *oh fuck*
Faika Kount
Faika Kount Acum 19 ore
Ronkey Gong?
Spotify Acum 19 ore
Spotify approves this video
Alphonse carlylle
Alphonse carlylle Acum 19 ore
Im 8 im not stupid
Robloxian Haven
Robloxian Haven Acum 19 ore
I didn’t get the last one and then 10 minutes later I realized...
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat Acum 19 ore
Thanks 4 moveing memes
BlueHuskyYT Acum 19 ore
0:11 is $204.73 a phone number?
Mr Koopa
Mr Koopa Acum 19 ore
2059468099 copy it then go to a roblox boombox world
TRX- SANSY Acum 19 ore
2:12 Anyone got the source for the manga. I wanna read about that dudes story and slaying thots
SJ218P Acum 19 ore
Defne Durdağı
Defne Durdağı Acum 19 ore
0:19 p e r f e c t
Justin Seagull Airlines
Justin Seagull Airlines Acum 19 ore
5:22 ME 😭
Lachlan Ferris
Lachlan Ferris Acum 19 ore
1:25 that staircase is at my school
Yeeet Yeeet
Yeeet Yeeet Acum 19 ore
Btw the Queen of England is dead
Darius Perlado
Darius Perlado Acum 19 ore
I don't even know what the dude on the thumbnail played, BUT I DONT WANT TO LEARN WHAT IT IS
Yeetus_Masterus Acum 19 ore
DuckDuck Goose
DuckDuck Goose Acum 19 ore
When I was little a had a little notebook and wrote squiggle lines thinking I was a doctor
ISnasI Acum 19 ore
filthy memer
filthy memer Acum 19 ore
16:57 simple, under your bed. Then the monster under your bed can have something to eat.
filthy memer
filthy memer Acum 19 ore
15:10 the girls got it even more wrong. The book version of the BFG means "Big Friendly Giant", not "Best Friend Giant". Deep down we all know that it truely means Big Fucking Gun though.
Kylo ren 2199 gang
Kylo ren 2199 gang Acum 19 ore
195 Frames per seconds?!
STRASNI and MEMES Acum 19 ore
ubisoft frogot about ruyman
Marilyn Bojanowski
Marilyn Bojanowski Acum 19 ore
1:34 See this is why Navi is great
anh duc
anh duc Acum 19 ore
Officer: "Do you have drugs in there?" Man: "Yes officer, but i have a license for that." M: *Show fake license* O: "Oh, move alo...wait a minute, is that wrappers in your truck?" M:"Err, yes?" O:"Now do you have a loicent for that?" M:"..."
Kaboompower3402 Acum 19 ore
1:04 *Laughs in Discord*
Hebun BATU
Hebun BATU Acum 20 ore
1:28 damn ...... i wish i was this rich
Avneesh Second
Avneesh Second Acum 20 ore
Yes they should burn in hell
Mabdaa Acum 20 ore
7:14 just... *why*
thủy lương
thủy lương Acum 20 ore
2:12 If I were him then... JOE MAMA!
Marilyn Bojanowski
Marilyn Bojanowski Acum 20 ore
It was the “we use names now” and the Professor Utonium one for me. 7:11 and 10:38
Piotrek Szczepanski
Piotrek Szczepanski Acum 20 ore
what the
Kate De'Laney
Kate De'Laney Acum 20 ore
5:44bad luck if you don’t like blue sour patch kids
koryxlenshing Acum 20 ore
I don't even understand half of these...
Game Cube Comedy
Game Cube Comedy Acum 20 ore
11:14 i thought he said buy crack lol
Pokémonfan _2009
Pokémonfan _2009 Acum 20 ore
Leo Li
Leo Li Acum 20 ore
12:13 lmfao why does tts sound so desperate
Tax Evasion
Tax Evasion Acum 20 ore
At 9:04 What I if told you I still heard “what if I told you”
Wojtek W
Wojtek W Acum 20 ore
4:13 "That's what we call standiwich"
Mythic_Rblx Acum 20 ore
0:50 this guy just ruined a part of my childhood
Søur Raimu
Søur Raimu Acum 20 ore
15:11 What the hell is a best friend giant!! Its a big friendly giant you dingbat
OrangeMemes Acum 20 ore
2:39 osu! players: pathetic
D J & P
D J & P Acum 20 ore
2:10 almosr died choking
mary grace ramirez
mary grace ramirez Acum 20 ore
you: looks at the thumbnail me:you perverted b####
San Marino Corned Tuna
San Marino Corned Tuna Acum 20 ore
3:12 as a degenerate: WYSI, WYFSI sos because I always cite my sources: 344851 here you go
Bailey Green
Bailey Green Acum 20 ore
I hate being in the killcam.
Plamaryn Acum 20 ore
1:16 aaaaah this reminds me to spanish (el agua, las aguas) (agua is femenine, but you can't combine 2 vocals that are the same, like: l'a' 'a'gua)
John Ryan
John Ryan Acum 20 ore
Galactic Ninja
Galactic Ninja Acum 20 ore
9:11 he should have said “the cancer not the cat”