Jose Fake
Jose Fake Acum 14 ore
0:13 tic tac pizza
patti the platypus
patti the platypus Acum 14 ore
Kid: plays fortnite for 10 hours Also kid: *gets a million dollars* Dad: *Ah yes its finally time.*
tobias logue
tobias logue Acum 14 ore
was that bit from MN, because i live there and it's snowing right now
Jayla Vital
Jayla Vital Acum 14 ore
i hate that voice but it is still funny
Fuzzy Boi
Fuzzy Boi Acum 14 ore
The meme in the thumbnail is so relatable, and has happened to me so many times!
Benjiman N
Benjiman N Acum 14 ore
Alana Prem
Alana Prem Acum 14 ore
Spoders cute I’m hoppy in Australia
Master Gamer999
Master Gamer999 Acum 14 ore
Out of toilet paper? Get in the toilet! The water will wipe your butt
Samuel Alvarez
Samuel Alvarez Acum 14 ore
Master Gamer999
Master Gamer999 Acum 14 ore
Life hack... dont want to use toilet paper? Simply get in the toilet! The water will clean your butt without wasting toilet paper
Master Gamer999
Master Gamer999 Acum 15 ore
This is actually better than 5 minute crafts, no joke.
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina Acum 15 ore
1:31 this hit hard
Suhail Shah
Suhail Shah Acum 15 ore
2:14 he is a master.
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina Acum 15 ore
0:44 **cocks shotgun* WHO DID THIS
Suhail Shah
Suhail Shah Acum 15 ore
Blursed gender evaluation their faces said everything.
Random Letters
Random Letters Acum 15 ore
This showed in my reccomendation while i was lying in bed with my period getting on my nerves, and this changed my mood from sad to happy. Thank you YT
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina Acum 15 ore
7 year old me be like: 0:22
BasketballKnowledgeExtreme Acum 15 ore
who else got a different image in mind on "Sword Tap"...
Mr sandman
Mr sandman Acum 15 ore
Croissant Acum 15 ore
You know, these videos are actually pretty good parenting books
Paimon Acum 15 ore
My cat died and i will not laugh because i have depression now
EpicLazer :
EpicLazer : Acum 15 ore
3:39 laughs in ipad
Stalin Acum 15 ore
11:26 cuddling, actual love, a relationship a happy life a family and a loving wife: well to get a family you first need sex
Hee Hee
Hee Hee Acum 15 ore
3:40 damn right it is 2 memes later _fuck_
Hirabayashi Azusa
Hirabayashi Azusa Acum 15 ore
so i have depression wow awsome i could read the text
Rosa Taylor
Rosa Taylor Acum 15 ore
Whenever me and my girlfriend play roblox we go on a no tags game, whenever we find a person we pretend to eat it and then we throw their private parts onto a tree and we call it "the private tree"
Ćhãí __
Ćhãí __ Acum 15 ore
0:10 Zenomorph + Karen = Karenmorph That’s math folks
L7QQ_ZTA5 Acum 15 ore
5:48 dude wtf
Srg Pugsly
Srg Pugsly Acum 15 ore
3:54 *Apply water to burnt area*
Timothy Kiel Castillo
Timothy Kiel Castillo Acum 15 ore
they should dub more anime like ghost stories. that anime is the epitome of how entertaining things would be if people didn't get offended by everything every 5 seconds
ŁůkăĞėłüťâšhv Acum 16 ore
What if i see both am i bi? Because i am
Dogs Rule
Dogs Rule Acum 16 ore
Todd 2020. Todd 2020
DestructorDagger Acum 16 ore
5:08 In Dutch this translates to "so a person from scary land is scary" eng means scary in dutch
Rewtopia Acum 16 ore
Me here for photos for my meme video and turns out most of te video is just coments
Azmedian 2
Azmedian 2 Acum 16 ore
same memes just different order :/
Lily Pyne
Lily Pyne Acum 16 ore
I want to argue with his assessment at 13:08 because all of those games ARE real games so don't let that put you down like that.
Arbër rëdrA
Arbër rëdrA Acum 16 ore
I will eat it alive for 1 million dollars!!
Dart V3
Dart V3 Acum 16 ore
Actually 60°F would be exact same temperature as indoors and outdoorsIf was 60°C outdoors that would make more sense LOL
Cox Nancy
Cox Nancy Acum 16 ore
The mellow dress holoprosencephaly analyse because hacksaw orly impress including a little ophthalmologist. mute, guarded temper
Spudge Acum 16 ore
I just remembered when I was in tests in my old school and they asked how I done the question I always replied "I use my brain"
plague doctor
plague doctor Acum 16 ore
4:28 that must be an scp
Priscila Seterra
Priscila Seterra Acum 16 ore
hmmmm 5:05 why do they keep a dog locked up n a room when this is supposed to be wholesome?
Rewtopia Acum 16 ore
I bit my tough the exact moment the (bit my tough)meme came on
Priscila Seterra
Priscila Seterra Acum 16 ore
wow 3:49 i really wanted to be an archaeologist! your childhood the best!!!!!
Oliver Stalker
Oliver Stalker Acum 16 ore
4:11 the super bowl
Phil Iz
Phil Iz Acum 16 ore
5:56 Mr beast: noice
Madeline Acum 16 ore
2 color eyes is um
Mattgeez Acum 16 ore
11:11 Jokes on u i had one
totallyrevv Acum 16 ore
0:32 nah he thirsty for some blood
ROBLOX: ElyassePlays012
ROBLOX: ElyassePlays012 Acum 16 ore
1:42 I would probably bounce it off the ring then it hits my head and I die
Timo Salling Petersen
Timo Salling Petersen Acum 16 ore
13:27 haha im Danish :D
Timo Salling Petersen
Timo Salling Petersen Acum 16 ore
and thats how our sockets look like :D
Demon Cat Gaming 22
Demon Cat Gaming 22 Acum 17 ore
0:21 OH MY GOD it took me so long to figure out why I say „L blood“ or „blood L“ before I figured out it was making fun of my accent. „Bloody hell“ I’m gonna go cry in the corner now
MaxxNerfs Acum 17 ore
12:23 why this is what I do💀
Str4wb3rr1 M!lk
Str4wb3rr1 M!lk Acum 17 ore
11:37 i don't get it please tell me what does this mean
Phil Iz
Phil Iz Acum 17 ore
3:20 but there’s no yellow Oh right I’m color blind
SnowWolf_Gaming_YT Acum 17 ore
10:45 where the mold
Zero plays
Zero plays Acum 17 ore
I made that first one my pfp on xbox
Josh Mcfarlane
Josh Mcfarlane Acum 17 ore
7:02 POV: they work in the mafia..
CocoNud Acum 17 ore
Tge guy who talked about sheets: im 33 yeaes old Me: IS DAT A JOJO REFRENS
Mxarry Games
Mxarry Games Acum 17 ore
Rewtopia Acum 17 ore
8:48 funniest part
Yunwoo Matthew Bae
Yunwoo Matthew Bae Acum 17 ore
3:10 the knife is gay
Szayel Nathan Naperi-Bencito
Szayel Nathan Naperi-Bencito Acum 17 ore
Every kid after getting a diamond: oH mY gOd Im So LuCKy
Louise Andrei Tagacay Narag
Louise Andrei Tagacay Narag Acum 17 ore
3:21 lmfao ive also seen the same thing im my moms personal collection building, and i was like oh wow
Anusuya Vaikunthan
Anusuya Vaikunthan Acum 17 ore
This has taken ‘It’s nerf or nothin’ literally now *6:05*
• D i v a - K u n •
• D i v a - K u n • Acum 17 ore
--- First Timestamp: 9:05 -- ` May I have one? I need to give this to my dog. :) ` -- Second Timestamp: 10:31 -- ` Well uh- ` ` Nice legs..? ` --
Moonchild Tia
Moonchild Tia Acum 17 ore
Sparta Acum 17 ore
5:02 Oh yeah the japanese heard a whole lot of this
Aliyah Ahmad
Aliyah Ahmad Acum 17 ore
0:20 so am I I’m also 11.
Splaggle Splat
Splaggle Splat Acum 18 ore
9:15 yay a border collie
Gabriel Sparkz
Gabriel Sparkz Acum 18 ore
6:09 Best News Ever
mark lee
mark lee Acum 18 ore
The tasty burn briefly worry because rocket whitely carve versus a keen ping. combative, shallow jam
Mikaela Light
Mikaela Light Acum 18 ore
Tik tak pizza bc i can eat em like pills aka just swollow em no chewing em
Jekyll Acum 18 ore
cow Acum 18 ore
This one is the most messed up one 57:36
Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8 Acum 18 ore
Not Fun Fact (DO NOT READ): Handsome squidward isn't actually handsome, he is an abomination.
Maya Weinberg
Maya Weinberg Acum 18 ore
Nein Seife ist weiblich 🧼👩🏼
PilviGamer !
PilviGamer ! Acum 18 ore
there is an imposter in ur house: panic But hes not in ur room: calm u are not in ur room
PilviGamer !
PilviGamer ! Acum 18 ore
Roses are red. Violets are blue. i thought stalin was evil until i met u
Jeff Acum 18 ore